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    I have one "Anthemed" guitar and one "Lyricized" guitar. I have a Venue pre amp.

    When I play my own gigs, I play through the Venue into my own amp (Ultrasound), using the "guitar channel" (1/4").

    My questions (I think) are about impedance; resistance and that kind of stuff.

    At open mics, I play through someone else's P.A. Even though the Venue has outputs for each, there's no time for the luxury of comparing the sound through the SLR, three pin input with the sound through the 1/4" "unbalanced" jack;

    !. Generally should either or both systems sound better through one type of input versus the other? Put another way, is there any advantage going SLR out of the Venue, or does the pre amp/direct box itself make the adjustment needed?

    2. If I don't have my Venue, will either system sound different using a 1/4" cord to a P.A. 1/4" jack versus an adapted 1/4" plug/three pin jack cord?

    3. How about just bringing the guitar and plugging whatever $%&**&$ cord the sound guy hands me into the guitar, like everyone else?



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    Hey Brent,
    The main advantage of the XLR over the 1/4" output is that the XLR is balanced. So the XLR output will loose less signal and pickup less noise over longer cable runs (over 100' or so). If you are going into a PA or amp on-stage, there shouldn't be much, if any, noticeable difference.

    If you don't have your Venue, a 1/4" output from the guitar into the mixer should be the best option as far as impedance matching. If a sound guy is set up for an instrument input, giving him an instrument level signal will be the easiest thing to control without too much tweaking.

    As with everything, getting a good sound depends on the Venue and the available equipment. So you may get an amazing sound just by plugging directly into the sound system, and you may get a ton of feedback. Unfortunately, that's the way it is, but that's a big part of why the Venue is so handy too- it gives you the ability to achieve a consistent sound from place to place.