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    So its Sunday, on the schedule is home church in the morning, 5th Sunday is all music lunch in the fellowship hall, then 45 miles away to do a homecoming singing at another church. I get to the morning service.. pull out mandolin and plug in my trustee L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic D.I i've been using faithfully for a bout 4 years. and my mandolin comes in loud and clear through the sound system.... but sounds like crap! I go to adjust the eq difference! I turn the volume knob down... still loud and crappy! I pull the battery out ... still loud and crappy! The signal is passing straight through even with the battery OUT! I move to the other side of the stage and plug in a different XLR cable..same thing! I had to miss the lunch and run 30 miles home to get my presonus EQ3B unit and 30 miles back before the bus pulls out for the singing. So .. anyone? Any idea what happened? This came straight out of nowhere, no signs of trouble the last time I used it and it never left my gig bag between uses. btw.. I tried using a brand new battery hoping that was the trouble since it acted the same with the battery out, maybe that just meant the battery was dead. New battery made no difference.
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    Nice...really helpful!


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      Hey Pete,
      Have you lowered the gain? It's odd that the volume didn't change anything, but the gain would be the first thing that I would check. If it got bumped up, you would get a really hot signal with some pretty nasty distortion.

      If the PA system that you are plugging into has Phantom Power, then the Para DI will still run without a battery. So that may or may not be an issue.

      Also, what pickup is on your mandolin?


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        the gain was down low, im using the k&k internal twin and have been for a year. It wasnt just the volume, none of the eq controls were responding either.


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          I hooked the DI up to my tascam studio and it works perfectly! So im thinkin the board had the phantom power on (which we never have on, but a guy was running the board that doesnt know how) and im figuring the phantom power was probly not 48v. So all is well, thanks!


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            OK Pete,
            Thanks for letting me know.