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Anthem causing static and crackling in my amp speaker(s)?

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  • Anthem causing static and crackling in my amp speaker(s)?

    I just had a luthier install the new anthem system in my custom Mark Kett 000-13 Fret and its sounds fantastic except...

    I started to notice a static crackling from the 12" speaker in the Genz Benz Acoustic amp I own. I thought it was the amp and cleaned all the pots and inputs, but its still there.

    I just got a Roland JC-77 and I played out on Friday and again noticed the same crackling coming from the 2-10" speakers.

    I checked all the cords etc and then plugged in my Morgan Concert with the LR Baggs iMix system in and no noise. I tried another guitar, a CA with a fishman and again, no noise.

    It's now quite probable that it is coming from the Anthem ( I have the adjustable version, not the SL)

    Has anyone experienced this problem? Could improper installation cause this? The pickup is amazing and I would love to solve the issue so I can use it this weekend.

    PS: The problem is intermittant and sporadic. It's OK and then it starts to crackle, stops, then starts and goes for a while, then stops etc.

    I would appreciate any input the members may have.
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    Sparky, I am having the same problem and more. I am hoping the LR Baggs company will help me resolve it.


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      Hello Sparky,

      Does the static sound and crackle occur when the guitar is sitting in a stand or does it only do it when it's worn or held by the player? Is it affected by any friction between the guitar body's finish and clothing?


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        Thanks Bryan,

        We spoke at length on the phone the other day regarding this issue. The guitar has a French Polish finish and the static and crackle occurs intermittantly while I am holding the guitar either sitting, or standing with the strap on. I suspect it may have something to do with the wires being grouped together rather than the finish. I had mentioned that the luthier had gathered the slack wires and twist tied them together nice and neat.

        I took the twist tie off and separated the wires the best I could and it was better, but didn't disappear. I am contacting the luthier tonight regarding stringing the wires from the Element and the tru mic suspended from the top like you suggested, or I may wait until the extra fastners you sent arrive. The wires are currently run along the side at the top edge.


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          I am having the same problem. I can tap on the top of the guitar and get a static poppy sound. I can also reach inside the guitar and touch the control unit or the wires and I get all kinds of bad static. The unit will also cut all the way out. The battery wire on mine has a short because I can move it and the battery meter wont work and move it back the other way and the battery meter will read fine. I have tested this with several batteries. Does anybody know if I can get a new battery cable for my pickup or any suggestions on how to fix my problem? The luthier I use also zip tied the wires together for a neat look.




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            Hi Dan,

            The battery wire in your Anthem system is certainly replaceable. Please call 805-929-3545, ext. 111, to provide your mailing address so I can send you one.


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              I spoke to the luthier who installed the Anthem and he wants to wait until the extra fastners arrive. I plan on also taking an amp along to see if we eliminate the static by Bryan's suggestion of hanging the wires from the top and will post the results once we are done.

              April 18 - I have returned the pickup to the seller and it will be replaced with a new unit. I will post the results once the new Anthem is installed.
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                Crackling while not playing

                I have had the Anthem system in my Collings D2H for over a year and I'm just now noticing static that happens when the guitar is plugged into any sort of amplification. The noise is not associated to playing, movement, etc. If I simply plug the guitar in and turn the volume up anywhere past off, I can hear it. I've replaced the battery and it's still there. What would be causing this? Nothing has changed on the guitar since the Anthem system was installed. Why would it now start making noise like a bad tube amp and more importantly, how do I get this fixed?


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                  If you email our Tech team at [email protected], we'll get you started with the repair process.


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                    I am in UK, where might I be able to get a new cable?... I have a gig soon and the battery cable is causing sharp spikes and cutting out.


                    Originally posted by Bryan McManus View Post
                    Hi Dan,

                    The battery wire in your Anthem system is certainly replaceable. Please call 805-929-3545, ext. 111, to provide your mailing address so I can send you one.


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                      If you email me at [email protected], I'll help you out.