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Where to secure wire?

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  • Where to secure wire?


    I'm installing the M1 active and wondered where the best place to secure the wire inside the guitar would be. On the sides? Back? Also I need to make the 1/2 inch hole where the strap peg is located. I'm putting it into a Martin 00 grand Concert and there is a small hole for the peg now. Is it best to get a hand reamer(Stew. Mac$ 67.00), or should I use tape and an electric drill??? Thanks a bunch for any info.

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    Hi Cain,

    For securing the wire, we usually recommend anchoring it along where the back and side meet. We suggest you avoid anchoring the wire to the top to prevent any chance of it rattling against the vibrating soundboard.

    Regarding the hole for the endpin jack: I'm sorry to say that, as a matter of company policy, I'm not able to provide instruction on installations. It's not just to protect the business of professional guitar repair-persons or builders but to avoid a situation in which a semantic misunderstanding results in damage to your guitar.

    If you intend to learn proper installations on your own guitar(s), I suggest acquiring any instructional resource available. You mentioned Stew-Mac and I think it's a good source of tools and instructional materials.

    As much as I should try to not instruct or assist with modifications, I can comment that a hand reamer should be better than an electric drill. See also: Step Drill Bit.


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      Thank you Bryan for your response. I understand and respect you following your company policy. I'm going to use the step drill bit,(3/16 -1/2"). Waiting a few more days to get a hand reamer from SM plus the extra cost makes it not worth it IMHO. Also, I can't wait to hear how the M1 sounds in my guitar!