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Anthem installation question?

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  • Anthem installation question?

    I've planned to install Anthem on my acoustic guitar and i bring to the luthier, he said that to install the element pickup i have to leveled the bridge(by the router) and also fine tune on the saddle to level it later. So i'm confused that is that really need to do so? Because to level the bridge could ruined the guitar and impossible to track back to original.

    So how did you do on your guitar?

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    By the way i'm new to this forum, hello to everyone..


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      Hi idune,

      Is your luthier referring to leveling the bridge slot (which is the slot the saddle sits in)? If this slot is not level, the Element will make uneven contact with the saddle and/or bridge slot. If that is the case, you will need to get the slot leveled.

      Installing the Element raises the saddle by approximately 0.037" (the thickness of an Element), which increases the action of the guitar. The saddle will need to be fine tuned for the correct action.

      Both these modifications are common and necessary for installing an under saddle pickup. They are fairly small-scale process and should not affect the tone of your guitar if the work is done by a qualified luthier.
      Justin Rucker
      L.R. Baggs


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        just sand that bad boy down on a level surface, the saddle that is.