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EQ question with the Lyric and Venue

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  • EQ question with the Lyric and Venue

    I am trying to get a stronger handle on the use if my Lyric and Venue so I can manage in different situations quicker and easier. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated.

    I have been setting the presence screw at or near its mid way point. It results in a more natural trebles but a real muddy and boomy low mids anywhere between 200hz to 600hz depending on the space. My EQ adjustments were very extreme, often cut all the way on both low mid and high mid knobs.

    So another place I landed was to increase the presence knob until the majority of the boominess was gone and then try and tame the trebles with the Venue. I would land around 75% Of the way. Set that way, I was never able to get a realistic treble sound that was anywhere close to natural.

    I am still able to get a reasonably good sound most times but I can tell its on the verge of a great sound. It leaves me wondering if I am working it out properly. I may be doing all I can already but if you have any tips, tricks to pass on, it would be helpful.

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    I would recommend setting the presence control to match the treble response of the guitar first. Play the guitar unplugged, then plug in and adjust the control. Do this until you feel that the high frequencies are as accurate to the guitar as possible.

    Then, EQ.

    If you let me know what you're hearing at that point, I may be able to advise you more from there.

    Also, what are you playing this through?


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      Taylor adi/coco GS, Venue, Bose model 2 or the house system at church.

      I currently have the presence set as you described. At home sounds great. I have to reduce the 500hz range almost all the way. Then I get into another venue that has more of a hollow stage and I can't get enough cut in that range. I figured adding just a bit of presence ought to fix that issue. I guess it's a bit of a balancing act. I just want to be able to handle all of the environments. Just picky I guess.


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        The Lyric doesn't naturally stand out too much in a band mix, but adding some presence from the Venue should help a bit. I can see how the Bose system might sound a bit mid-heavy or even muddy depending on the room. You might try a 300Hz cut, and about a 2-3kHz boost (slight). This should give the Lyric a bit more cut and clarity.


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          I tried it. At home anyway, I set the high mid dial to near the 2.5kHz and boosted it approx. 3 db I had the low mid dial set around 400hZ and still had that cut around 9 db. I can tell it does have an improved clarity than before. It should be able to compensate for the various rooms.

          Due to preconcieved notions I was determined before that the Presence knob should take care of that issue. It kept me from exploring other possibilities. Thanks.