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RTS II on an archtop?

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  • RTS II on an archtop?

    I've got this strange desire to use my ES-175 copy for solo acoustic shows. Right now, I've got a generic piezo-loaded TOM bridge in there, but the sound I'm getting has a lot of room for improvement. I picked up a second-hand RTS II this week, and I'm wondering what kind of results I might get if I put it under a floating bridge. I'd love to try a T-Bridge, but it's out of my price range at the moment. Any thoughts?

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    I really don't think that the RTS II would be a good option for a floating bridge. It's installation would require modifying multiple part of the guitar that would not be fixable if you decided to un-install the system. The required battery may also be difficult to fit since there's no easy acess to the inside of the guitar.

    It may be possible, but the results can't really be expected to work all too well. The T-Bridge, however, was designed for that kind of application.