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  • Element-M1a-Mixpro

    Hello. I'm from Spain and I have a number of devices L.R. Baggs are: Double Barrel, MixPro, Element and M1a. I don't like the sound of the Double Barrel because of the disadvantages of micro. The Element alone has an acceptable sound but improvement. I just purchased the M1a and I like its sound better than the sound of the Element, but I'm thinking of doing a mixed Element-M1a through MixPro. Do you know how it sounds that mix? I wish I had some reference before cutting the cable of the M1a and solder it to preamp Element. Thanks.

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    Hello Fran,
    The M1 Passive can be easily combined with the Element, but since the M1A has a built-in preamp, it cannot be wired to another active system without major problems with the battery.

    Another option is to use the iMix preamp to combine the M1 Passive with the Element. That would give you the advantage of mixing inside the guitar too.


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      Thanks for the advice but I have the pickup M1 active and I'm not going to risk. So remove the element and I'll set definitely the M1a