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Recomend system for Parlour guitar

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  • Recomend system for Parlour guitar

    Hi all,

    Could you please offer some suggestions for the best system to amplify a parlor guitar. I have used LR Baggs products previously and have faith in the range. My reservations are with the reduced size of a parlor a sound hole pickup might stifle sound whereas a lyric might be hindered by the lack of body size. The pickup system will be fitted by a luthier not me!

    Thanks in advance, Mike

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    Hi Mike,
    I replied to your email. If you didn't get it, let me know.

    I've heard the Lyric in some parlor size guitars, and I was very happy with the results. The mid-range "focus" of most parlor guitars comes across very naturally in Lyric. What do you normally play through?


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      Hi Caleb, received your email with thanks,

      I usually play small clubs, around here that's fairly small room, 200 people max. Styles of music run from flatpicking (maybe not with a parlour!) finger picking and some slide. The smaller guitar I need for comfort/posture reasons. Usually sound goes guitar, DI, desk,PA.

      I have a Martin D15 and a Seagull Mini Jumbo but need a parlour or folk for physical ease ie my age and small size ha ha. The Seagull I have fitted with a LR Baggs Element and it sounds very natural. Undersaddle would provide some bass reinforcement, soundhole woul reduce potential for feedback but might weigh on the top.

      I will consider the Lyric it appears to be a great idea but I have wondered if the sound levels would be large enough in a small body. Your experience is appreciated though so I will weigh it all up.

      Thank you, Mike


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        It sounds to me like the Anthem SL might be a really good fit for you. It would give you good feedback resistance and bass response, much like like the Element, but with the clarity of the Lyric mic. The Anthem SL actually uses an Element pickup to carry the bass frequencies, and a Tru-Mic (same type of mic as the Lyric) to carry the mids and highs. So you get a great sound that can be played almost anywhere without issue.

        It's really the best of the Lyric and the Element in one package. I highly recommend it.


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          Thank you for your advice Caleb. Much appreciated. Mike