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Matching Output impedance of Element preamp

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  • Matching Output impedance of Element preamp

    My Larrivee LV-03RE came equipped with LR Baggs Element preamp installed. The output impedance as listed in the manual is 620 ohm which is Lo Z. Connecting cable is unbalanced. Do I need a Z matching transformer to match the 620 ohm output to 10 Meg ohm input on my Hi Z input acoustic/guitar amp? I must run volume level at high level when playing through an amp. Any suggestions?

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    No Z-matching transformer should be needed. A general rule is that a low impedance signal connected to a higher impedance input is fine all day long. There is no requirement to lower the 10MegOhm input impedance to that of the EAS output. The 10MegOhm input impedance serves high impedance passive piezo sensor signals and low impedance outputs from active pickup systems equally well.


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      Thanks for the info Bryan.