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imix components coming unglued

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  • imix components coming unglued

    My ibeam, volume control and battery bag are all coming unglued from inside my larrivee acoustic. any suggestions on how to treat the interior wood to make a better seal. Also there is residual glue left under the bridge from old ibeam . How to remove old glue. This has happened three times now. Each time baggs techs are happy to send me new adhesive but I'm losing patience. Anybody else experienced this or is my guitar exceptional?

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    I'm not sure what could account for the adhesives coming away from the wood multiple times. It's very rare. Somewhat extreme changes in temperature and/or humidity can affect the longevity of adhesives so, if you travel with your instrument(s) regularly, they separate prematurely and more than once. If the guitar isn't exposed to temperature/humidity changes, I am stumped.

    I'm more than happy to send you the adhesives you'll need to reinstall the system. Please email your mailing address to [email protected]

    As for what might prepare the wood for better adhesive bonding is to wipe it down with a little Naphtha - a fast-evaporating solvent often used by guitar shops for various cleaning, de-oiling and removing adhesive residue.

    Also, the iBeam's adhesive isn't really a glue and should be able to be rolled into a ball with your fingertip.