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Weissenbor LR Baggs M1 Active Pickup poles setup

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  • Weissenbor LR Baggs M1 Active Pickup poles setup

    Hello, I just installed a M1 Pickup into my Weissenborn. The overal sound is pretty good but even with the volume full on 10 on the pickup I cannot get a decent volume. Is this because of the poles are too low to capture the high string action?

    Any one know if it is good idea to rise the poles?

    Best regards

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    The poles on the M1A are designed to be raised and lowered as needed, so raising them by an 1/8" or so shouldn't cause any issues at all. If you take the poles to far, they can always be re-threaded into the holes without causing any damage.


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      Thanks Caleb, I'll try... Another question about the poles, I've noticed that the pole for the B string (second from down up) is not there. Is there any reason there is no Pole for this string? I have spare ones if it shoud be there.

      Best reards,


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        The B-String has the highest magnetic output of all of the guitar's strings. So with the M80, we found that having a pole there at all made the B string slightly louder than the other strings, no matter how deep or shallow it was set. By removing the B-Pole completely, the string balance is almost perfect on most guitars as a factory setting.