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Lyric battery lifespan

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  • Lyric battery lifespan

    Just got a Lyric installed in my handmade GBL guitar and I have to say it sounds simply fantastic, especially in connection with the Venue DI. Brilliant and clever products which save me tons of hassle on stage and simply sound the way I always wanted to sound. :-)
    One question bothers me though: Since there is no battery indicator for the Lyric - how long can I expect that an average battery would last? And: if the battery comes to an end, will it just immediately stop working, or are there others signs of a weak battery?
    Thanks and cheers from Germany, Zorny

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    The Lyric battery usually lasts about 220 hours. Around that time, the signal will start to distort and loose output. If you notice distortion or output loss, the battery should be replaced. To be safe, I usually change or at least check my battery with every string change.


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      Wow, that was fast - and helpful! Thank you Caleb! :-)