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mix & match with iBeam passive, RTS II, and others

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  • mix & match with iBeam passive, RTS II, and others

    I've really become a big fan of my iBeam, and am considering purchasing another. I was wondering what my options would be in pairing iBeams with other preamps. Two questions:

    1. I'm currently using the passive iBeam into a Zoom A2. Would I get good results connecting the iBeam to an RTS II preamp?

    2. Would I be able to pair an iBeam with the Artec AGE-7? The AGE-7 has an input impedance of 10 MOhm and an output impedance of 10 kOhm. It's already installed in the guitar that I'd like to install the second iBeam in, so I'd like to get some use out of it, if possible.


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    Still hoping to get an answer. I found this in the RTS user guide:

    Passive auxiliary channel: It is possible to add a mini-mic or second pickup to the RTS 2, but to avoid crosstalk, the second pickup must have a low impedance output. This requirement basically eliminates everything but magnetic pickups and mini-mics.Do not use high impedance pickups such as the iBeam.

    I'm not looking to use the RT and the iBeam, just the iBeam. Will it work if I remove the RT and connect the iBeam?


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      Pairing pickups with preamps that were not designed for them is VERY tricky. Adding the iBeam to the RT preamp's aux channel would only make it work through a stereo cable. So that's not the best option. The iBeam would still be running passively in that setup too.

      As far as the Arctec preamp, I really can't say with confidence that it will work. The input impedance is only one of the factors that will make a pickup work with a preamp. The impedance looks ok though.

      The iBeam does have an aftermarket preamp that you can order from your local LR Baggs dealer. It's called the iB Pre, and it just adds a preamp, battery and volume control to your existing pickup. If you really want a preamp for your passive iBeam, this would undoubtedly give you the best performance.

      I hope that helps.


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        Thanks for the reply. Rather than adding the iBeam to the RT preamp's aux channel, could I disconnect the RT and run the iBeam through the main channel?


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          The iBeam has a much higher output than the Ribbon Transducer, causing the preamp to overdrive and distort. So it's less than ideal.


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            Less than ideal. Got it.

            Thanks for your help!