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Lyric & Para DI sounds boxy and thin

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  • Lyric & Para DI sounds boxy and thin

    I just bought a Lyric and had it professionally installed in my Eastman E20SS. I'm using it in tandem with a Para DI and a PA system.
    Reason why I bought the set because I've had enough of piezos. The Eastman guitars sounds amazing as it as, hence the reason I bought the Lyric to amplify that sound.

    Just checked it out during soundcheck, sounds boxy and thin as ***. I've tried every setting, tried it with other DI's, but it stayed the same, terrible.
    I tried other guitars, Seagulls and a Cort(!!!) with either a piezo or Fishman Blend system and they blew the Eastman and the Lyric away.
    I'm bummed out because I spend a load of cash on gear that sounds even more crappy than the piezo I drifted away from.

    Any help would be nice,



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    Actually, I feel pretty *** by buying this stuff


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      Hi Robin,
      Where did you have the Lyric installed?

      "Boxy" and "Thin" are definitely NOT things that are usually associated with the Lyric, so there may be something wrong in the installation or elsewhere in the setup.


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        Hi Caleb,

        The tech installed the lyric for me. I gave him the instructions as shown on the LRBaggs website. My repairman is a capable guy and knows his stuff. I don't know exactly where the Lyric's been installed, it's impossible to see from the outside.
        The guitar is being sent back to him to check if anything went wrong. If the lack of decent sound stays, I'm gonna replace it with a blend system from AER, a system I've heard with my own ears that sounds reasonable. Not from a website and marketingpropaganda.



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          I completely understand. If your tech has any questions, please have him contact me. My number is 805-929-3545 ext. 121. Or by email at [email protected].

          This situation doesn't sound right to me, and if at all possible, I would like to make this right.


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            Hey Caleb,

            I removed the Lyric, and had the Anthem SL installed. Sounds much better! A major improvement1 I'm using it in tandem with the Para DI and this works for me.
            I returned the Lyric to the store I bought it from, thankfully got a full refund


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              Good to hear. I'm glad that you got something that works for you.

              The Anthem SL is my favorite system that we make.