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Venue DI with Goerge L cables

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  • Venue DI with Goerge L cables

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to share an experience I had with the Venue DI. Have had the DI for quite a while now and recently, I wasn't happy with the sound. I noticed that with my system (Bose L1 Compact), the iMix sounded and felt way too much better when plugged in direct than when I was using the Venue DI. I struggled with this for months. I then assumed that the Venue DI colored the sound so heavily, that it was pointless to use it. I almost gave up on the DI.

    Last month, I decided to try out Goerge L cables and whoa! Turns out my problem was cables! Everything is so clear now. The Eq on the Venue are now more responsive and the feel is great! I tried other brands of cables that I had laying around the house, all of them sounded different.

    Keeping in mind, anything you put in between will color, to me, these cables give the clarity I need to effectively use the Eq section. All I ever want to do is duplicate the direct in tone of the iMix, and am able to approximate it better now. Feel is crazy good.

    Whew! Problem solved. Playing for a very long time now, and I am still learning something new everyday!

    I believe there was a time, maybe until now, LR Baggs was selling their own cable. Been meaning to get some but could never get my hands on them.

    Anybody have opinions on the LR Baggs cables? Sound and feel quality?