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What pickup for a lattice guitar?

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  • What pickup for a lattice guitar?

    Hello I need some advice.
    I'm getting a custom lattice (Smallman style) flamenco guitar built and I'm looking for a pick-up solution with the following characteristics. I realize some of them are contradictory! I'm actually less sensitive to tone because in any serious stage situation I'll use a microphone. I need the pickup more for jamming. I would like however to be able to record the pickup sound along with a mike in order to apply processing to the pickup sound and mix it back into the live sound. The characteristics I need are.
    1) Low feedback
    2) Picks up guitar body tapping. I play percussion on the guitar beyond the usual Flamenco tapping
    3) Good separation between the strings. Perhaps even with 6 different channels that can be output together.

    I'd appreciate any advice.

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    Hey David,
    I think that the Anthem SL Classical would be a great fit for you. The SL Classical has a mic and pickup combination that allow for high feedback resistance, natural tone, and body sensitivity. The mic in the system also allows for very well defined note definition.

    If you have any questions about the SL Classical or any other products, let me know.