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Small soundhole for M1a

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  • Small soundhole for M1a

    hello !,
    Nicolas, from France.

    I tried to put my new m1a on my Guild M20 ( ) , and ... impossible, the sound-hole seem to be too small for this pickup. I can read in the manual that 3,5" is the minimum, mine is 3,58 (center).

    Is there a method for small sound-holes?
    Do i have to enlarge a little ?

    If someone had the same experience with a small body guitar ?!

    Thanks !

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    Hi Nico,

    The M1A can fit into any soundhole with a minimum diameter of 3 9/16"(90.5mm) but, in order for the pickup to be set into soundholes between the minimum and 3 3/4"(95.25mm), one of the clamps will need to be slid from its track. Once both of the M1A's wings are resting on the soundboard, the clamp can be placed back in its slide track and fastened.

    Soundholes larger than 3 3/4" will not require this as the ends of the clamps will also clear the edge of the soundhole.


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      "Hi Nicolas,
      If you want to install the M1 on a soundhole that is that small you will have to remove the clamp wings. To do this you will have to loosen the clamp screws until the wings come off. Be careful not to remove the top of the M1, and then place the M1 in the sound hole. Then take the removed clamp wings (make sure that they’re the correct sides), and reaching into the soundhole, replace the removed wings. Then tighten up the screws and you should be good to go."
      (from Caleb Elling, tech support)

      it works for me, Thanks !