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Maximum cable length between Lyric and amp

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  • Maximum cable length between Lyric and amp

    I just had a Lyric installed in my Eastman E20-OM today. I'm connecting it directly to my Fishman Loudbox Artist acoustic amp.

    What is the maximum length of cable I can use before the sound is affected?

    I would assume shorter is better, but I would like to understand what might happen to the sound, in general, if I use a 10 foot vs. an 18 foot cable, or longer.

    For now I'm connecting directly to my amp. But there may be a time when I have a device or two between my guitar and amp, and I'd hate to trash my sound by accidentally using too much cable.


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    The Lyric does have a preamp and a low impedance output, so basic cable distance isn't really too much of a problem. If you are planning on running 30+ feet, then a DI with a balanced output would be the best option for maintaining signal integrity.


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      Thanks. That's exactly what I wanted to know.


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        I don't, so I prefer to leave my volume set to full on the guitar. If you do adjust the volume, then all of the gain setting should still be made with the volume at full, but then you can back it off to testking 312-50v8 braindumps
        your preferable volume once all of the other levels are set.
        Hybride DeViL