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  • Duet II Replacement Options

    Hi all,

    I have an old Seagull, S6 I believe, that has the LR Baggs Duet II system installed. I have LOVED it since day one - the sound has always been excellent and the functioning great. A couple of days ago, the On/Off switch stopped working - it no longer will switch to the On position. From pictures I've seen and things I've read online, I know there's probably no way to get it repaired.

    So I'm wondering about my options. I know I could replace it - have seen a couple of these units available on Ebay. But - I'd really like an option that includes an easier battery change. I'd still like similar functioning to the Duet II - some kind of EQ and the mic/pickup mix option at the very least. Do most units now NOT require a physical hole in the side of the guitar? Anyone have suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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    Hey Tim,
    If you are looking for a newer replacement for the Duet II, I would highly recommend the Stage Pro Anthem:

    The Stage Pro Anthem has a mic/pickup combination with blending capability, easy (external) battery access, and an onboard tuner/EQ. Best of all, it will fit the same hole as the Duet II, with only minor modifications.

    I have the Stage Pro Anthem in my Cedar-Top Yamaha (I believe the S6 is Cedar too) and it sounds amazing!


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      Hi Caleb,

      Thanks for the recommendation. Do you happen to know if I purchased this system, would I be able to plug my existing mic and pickup into the new unit, or would I have to start from scratch? I've had the guitar for 15 years and really like the live sound from both elements - kinda leery about switching them out, you know?

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        If you look at this picture, the Volume is on the far left, then the Tuner Notch and Phase, then you have the slider labled mix. This mix will go from full piezo (up) to the mic side of the blend (down). The mic still doesn't carry any low frequencies when the blend is set to full mic. The pickup will always carry low frequencies, to increase feedback resistance.

        Since your pickup and mic are 15+ years old, you will have to install the full Anthem system in order for it to work correctly.

        I definitely understand the hesitance though. I had the same feeling about switching my old system out.