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1951 CF-100e and Lyric

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  • 1951 CF-100e and Lyric

    My Gibson CF-100e is arriving next week. I'd like to find a good way to incorporate the existing P-90 with a new Lyric setup. Any ideas?

    I'm fine with rewiring (taking out and saving the old wiring) it for a more useful setup. I'd like to be able to blend the P-90 and the Lyric setup. The guitar has two knobs already. I don't mind the soundhole volume control, but I'd like to be able to use the existing knobs. I don't mind swapping out the pots or the uses of the existing knobs.

    >>>>>>>> I want the CF-100e to look stock, but have as versatile setup as possible using the existing P-90 and a new Lyric system.

    I'll have the work done here in NYC at Mandolin Brothers or Peekamoose.

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.



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    Hello Tutash,
    The P90's output can be wired to the Lyric's output jack. However, this will only give you stereo output. Stereo output would require either two separate signal chains or a stereo blending preamp.

    If that's what you want to do, the wiring is very simple.

    There is no way to add the P90 to the Lyric signal inside of the guitar though. Stereo output is the only option currently.


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      How about using one of LR's preamp setups? Maybe an iMix setup? I'd like to be able to change the blend from the sound hole, and not have to have a blending pre on my pedal board. I'm prepared to make some modifications to the guitar (under-saddle pickup, swapped-out pots), but would like to keep the original P90 in the guitar, and still be able to use it.

      Does anyone at LR know of a setup with a CF-100e (passive P90) that would give me this kind of on-board mixing capability? iMix, Dual Source, Control-X?

      Anything that will accomplish this with LR Baggs gear?

      Money is not an issue, but ease of use and quality of tone is.


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        Hi Tutash,

        The best option I can think of that would require the least modification to the system or the instrument would be the iMIX.

        One important question, though, is: Have you had any sort of undersaddle transducer in that guitar, at any time? If not, I would have you know there can be a noticeable impact on the acoustic projection and tone which can be more apparent for a person who has owned the guitar for some time and has never used that style of pickup.

        That being said, and since the iMIX has two pickups to choose from, which did you want to mix with your stock magnetic pickup?

        I should also say that connecting your guitar's stock magnetic pickup to the iMIX is not an optimal arrangement but is the best way to utilize the stock pickup for blending with another signal on the guitar. There may be some manipulation of the magnetic pickup's signal, using components, in order to make it more compatible with either channel of the iMIX preamp. To further clarify that, I can't predict or guarantee a particular result. All I can say is that it should work.

        Have you ever plugged this magnetic pickup signal into an external buffering preamp device such as an LR Baggs Para D,r Venue DI or a similar product from another maker?


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          That definitely sounds thin. The lack of bass is very unusual too. I'm assuming that it sounds the same without the AxeFX in the signal chain, is that right?

          Also, have you adjusted the mic's presence control?
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