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Help With Setting Multiple Volume and Gain Controls in the Signal Chain

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  • Help With Setting Multiple Volume and Gain Controls in the Signal Chain

    I'm playing a 2011 Taylor 814ce through a Baggs Para Acoustic DI, and wondering if I can get some advice with setting the various volume and gain levels in the signal chain. They are as follows:

    1. Onboard volume of Expression System
    2. Gain on the Baggs Para Acoustic DI
    3. Volume on the Baggs Para Acoustic DI
    4. Gain at the PA mixing board
    5. Slider volume at the PA mixing board

    Is there an ideal method to use when setting those levels that will optimize the tone of the instrument?

    For example, start by leaving the onboard Expression System volume at the center detent, the DI volume at "0" (12 o'clock), and the PA mixing board gain at 10 o'clock, and bring the DI gain up until I hear distortion, then roll it just below that. ???

    I'm also using a Gibson AJ with the Lyric installed, and trying to get that guitar/pickup's output to match the Taylor's so that I can switch between the two guitars without there being a difference in volume.

    Please help!

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    First off, do you usually make volume adjustments while you play?

    I don't, so I prefer to leave my volume set to full on the guitar. If you do adjust the volume, then all of the gain setting should still be made with the volume at full, but then you can back it off to your preferable volume once all of the other levels are set.

    You always want to set the gain while playing at the hardest level you will play during your set- Taylor set to full volume, gain on the DI set just under clipping, DI volume at 0, mixer gain set under clipping as well. Most mixing console manufactures have slightly different "rules" for setting the gain, so be sure to consult individual users guides for each mixer.

    This level should be the loudest level that you will achieve during your performance. From here you can turn your volume on the guitar down and back up to suit your needs without causing clipping at any stage.

    This is more of an "one time" setup for a lot of people. Most times you set up your stuff, your DI gain and volume will be the same. Then if you have a sound guy, they can take care of the rest.

    I hope that helps.


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      Thanks! I do like to adjust my volume as I play, so that's very helpful.