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Lyric + eSonic2 preamp/pickup system?

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  • Lyric + eSonic2 preamp/pickup system?

    I just got an Epi Masterbilt and it comes with the eSonic2 preamp that uses their fingerboard mag coupled with their under-saddle transducer. I want to add the Lyric mic to the mix as well for a 3 part system. I was hoping to keep both the Lyric and the eSonic2 system on their own preamps but somehow join them together at the endpin jack output. I could use the eSonic2's preamp to EQ/mix the Epiphone pickups, the Lyric's separate preamp to EQ the Lyric, and then use the volume adjust of both to mix the two systems together.

    Is this possible? I've been trying to find info on the Lyric's second channel, but I can't find it anywhere.

    FYI, I'm not afraid to solder.

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    Unfortunately, the only way to mix two active systems like the eSonic2 and the Lyric would be to use an additional blending preamp. Mixing the two systems passively would cause major issues with loading, impedance, and volume levels.

    A stereo output from the guitar would be a possibility for two active systems, but still very difficult and it would still require an external stereo preamp.

    So overall, three-way systems are VERY complicated unless you have all-passive pickups or a three-way blending preamp.


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      Well, this guitar is already setup for stereo. I just don't want to run stereo on gigs. Too much of a PITA. So, I couldn't just take the output leads of the eSonic2 and solder them onto the secondary pads of the Lyric's jack?


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        The output from the eSonic2 should have 3 leads already (4 in stereo mode)- one lead for the mono signal, one for the preamp's on/off function, and a ground. The Lyric's solder pads are only designed to accept a mono/passive pickup signal (2 leads, signal and ground). So trying to use the eSonic2 with the Lyric would keep the preamp of the eSonic on at all times, constantly draining batteries.

        There are ways to mod around this issue, but anything like that would void the Lyric's warranty, which would keep me from being able to give you advice beyond that point.

        We have a pretty strict policy against providing any warranty-voiding advice.


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          I see. Well, thanks for the info.