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Need help with Lyric feedback problem

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  • Need help with Lyric feedback problem

    Hopefully all you more knowledgeable folks can help me with were to look for an issue I had this morning at church with my setup. I just got my new guitar which has a Lyric installed during the build. This morning I set up my normal rig to play at church and had a major problem. For starters, I had the guitar hooked up to my Line 6 Relay G30 which runs through a Venue DI and then to the snake for the PA system. When I turned on the wireless unit I got a hiss that I couldn't stop. So, figuring the wireless may be the issue I took that out of the equation and hooked the guitar straight to the Venue DI. As soon as the channel was unmuted on the sound board there was a feedback issue that I thought may make the PA system explode it was so loud. I had not even plucked a single note. When I was set up with the wireless I was at the front of the church. When I hooked up directly I was in the musicians pit where the monitors are, but nothing was transmitting through them.

    Once that happened I switched back to my Taylor with the wireless rig as described before and had no issues. So I'm trying to figure out where to start with what the issue is. I can hook the guitar up to my Loudbox Mini here at home and have no problems. Our regular sound guy was not at church today so I didn't have time to try and figure out what the issue may be, but I don't know where to start. The only setup I've ever used has been my Taylor with the Expression system and I've never had any such issue, wireless or not. I know the Lyric is a mic so there will be things I need to work on at the sound board but I'm just curious as to where to start. Thoughts and opinions very much appreciated.

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    Hey David,
    My initial thought is that if the Lyric is working through your Loudbox, then there is no way that the Lyric should have that much feedback unless something in the system wasn't setup correctly. If the monitors weren't even carrying your guitar, there must have been something else going on.

    So I think that the best thing to do would be to try it again (maybe with your regular sound guy). Then you can determine if the issue was actually from your guitar, or if the channel wasn't set up at the correct level to begin with.

    This is definitely strange, especially with the monitors off. So I really think that there is a simple explanation for this.