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ibeam with. Fishman preamp

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  • ibeam with. Fishman preamp

    Hi all

    I would love to know if it would work replacing my Martin PA4 undersaddle with the ibeam.

    My main issue is keeping the guitar looking the same whilst wanting to improve the guitars tone plugged buy as much i can.

    Will there be any problems using the onboard fishman f1 preamp?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Evan,
    The iBeam tends to have a much higher output than most undersaddle pickups. So using the iBeam with your Fishman preamp would likely cause a lot of distortion in the sound. The Fishman preamp would also likely be tuned with internal EQ for an undersaddle that would make the iBeam sound thin.

    If you really want to use the iBeam, it might be easier to leave the Fishman preamp in the guitar, and install the iBeam Active System in the guitar separately. The iBeam would replace the Fishman jack so that you would still only have one hole in the tailblock.


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      The jack and battery compartment are one. But that's fine I'll then wire the preamp to it power and output wise. As much as I don't want to ruin the original look of my guitar I also don't want non working things onboard. The ibeam preamp has a tone and volume pot right? I would the find suitable pots to mount in the existing holes and wire them into the preamp instead of going the soundhole route.

      Another question though, the ibeam is at my disposal to try, hence my first thought, but its fairly older school now is it not? How does it hold up to newer offeringrom baggs and other manufacturers? I just want somthing top notch.

      My previous main gig guitar is an yamaha ljx6. They have a awesome pickup system in with 4 soundboard transducers and individual blend for the outer two which allows great versatility in the reproduction and amazing tone plugged in. This is where I want to be with my new axe, natural, versatile and wicked!

      Any ideas? Really appreciate it


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        The iBeam only has a single volume control, but you can swap out the existing 20k pot for a standard 25k pot for side mounting.

        The iBeam has still held up to a lot of the newer technology. I would say that the Lyric mic that we've recently developed is really the only thing that has the ability to sound better in many situations. However, since the Lyric is a much more complex system, modifying it is much more difficult than the iBeam.


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          Thanks Caleb. And how bout the imix with ibeam and element? I have room for two pots side mounted. Would they be the blend and volume controls? Wonder if there would be a way to keep the tuner working....


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            The iMix has two pots, but due to the circuit design, you would have to wire jumpers from the current remote's PCB to the new replacement pots. It would work, but it would require a lot of wiring.


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              That sounds like a plan then! I'm not scared of a little wiring at least as long I know its worth it. Any idea in the imix pot values Caleb?


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                The same as the iBeam, they're 20k. So 25k is the most available equivalent.


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                  Thanks so much for the valuable input. That may end up being my solution. Stoked!!!