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Lyrick boxy and honky on Taylor DN8

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  • Lyrick boxy and honky on Taylor DN8

    Lyrik 1.jpgLyrik 2.jpg

    I wrote to you awhile back about the sound quality of my Lyrick installed on a Taylor DN8. I installed as per instruction. You wrote back saying to move the mic towards the treble side of the bridge plate and angle it. Ive tried that and it still sounds honky (BOXY) and just plain lousy.As a previous user commented, sound like a midrange notch filter.

    Do you have any other suggestions as to what to do? I feel like I am out $200 and my guitar sound horrible.
    Should I try taking it off the bridge plate and move somplace else? Its a fairly expensive guitar.

    I have attached 2 picture of 2 different ways I installed this.


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    I just replied to your email with an attached image that shows the placement that I've found to work best for this issue.

    Get back to me here or via email, and let me know how it goes.


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      Any chance sharing that photo?


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        Lyric Placement.jpg

        Here you go.


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          I'm having the same problem with my 12 string so I might give that placement a go. I was assuming that it was just the cheaper quality of the guitar (20yo Samick artist series solid top with laminate back and sides). Guitar sounds relatively nice acoustically and was hoping the lyric would capture this. Let us know how well it works with your guitar.

          On a side note, I was so frustrated that I bought an M80 yesterday and was planning on leaving the lyric for a new guitar I am having made. Haven't uninstalled the lyric yet though so it should be an interesting test. May end up leaving them both in for the time being. I took the anthem out a couple of weeks back due to it having a horrible boom through the PAs (even with the UST, and especially on the low E bottom notes - it had been in for over a year, and I'd taken it back to the Sydney installer who couldn't do anything about it - or didn't know what to do - and I'm wondering if these things are all inherent to the guitar itself, and I just have to find the best compromise).
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            Do you know if your Anthem had the Element pickup wire tightly secured to the top, near the point where it comes out of the saddle slot? In general, if the Element pickup is not properly secured, the low end frequencies can become excessively boomy. This is mentioned in the installation manual, but it can be often overlooked.

            I do also know that some guitars are just very difficult to amplify, but that is pretty rare.


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              Hi Caleb,
              I'll post other questions to a new post, but I've paid the Baggs dealers here in Sydney to check the installation (was bought and installed through my regular guitar store). I mentioned the distance to them but they seemed to think it was the guitar. I got an extension arm mirror to install the lyric and could see that the tab was about 3-4cm from where the UST exited the bridge. When I get the new 12 string I will reinstall the Anthem and place the tab closer.
              I will be repositioning the Lyric this afternoon and testing tonight at an open mic. I've got the M80 that seems to be working well (cable still hanging out the body) and I'm considering cutting a second jack hole if I can get the Lyric sounding good in this guitar so I have options and can blend.


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                Let us know how it goes!


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                  Another Taylor DN8 sounds boxy

                  Hi! I just installed a new Lyric in my Taylor DN8. I installed it per the instructions and the placement is spot on, with firm, flat attachment. I'm getting that hollow, boxy kind of sound as well regardless of presence placement. (Lyric is running into a Daking Mic Pre IV, through MyTek converters into Protools and out of my reference monitors).

                  You suggest angling the Lyric on the treble side of the bridge plate, as your photo suggests. I will try this, but I was wondering if that will also enhance the low end any? My DN8 has a warm, deep piano-like low end I want to try an capture.

                  I do have a Venue DI coming in the mail, but this boxiness is not something EQ will fix (as a professional, full-time audio engineer/mixer, I know this all too well).

                  Any other suggestions aside from the already recommended angled placement? Thanks a lot!


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                    Hey Musepro,
                    If you want to email me, I can send you a newer diagram that shows a few different placement options that have worked for me over the last year and a half with the Lyric. My email is [email protected]

                    That boxy response should be able to be tamed by re-positioning the mic.