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LB6 … any viable mic addition?

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  • LB6 … any viable mic addition?

    After trying nearly every pickup around I am more satisfied with my simple LB6/ParaDi combo than any other. May be due to the fact that I finger pick much more than strum. Also, the string-to-string balance is perfect and the pickup is very responsive – two things that are important to me. On the downside, there is a lack of overtones particularly on the bass end ... a lot of fundamental tone, but not much character to the note.

    Question: considering the internal out-of-phase wiring in the LB6, is there a mic you could recommend as an second source. I was thinking that Phil Keaggy had used the LB6 plus mic, but I could be mistaken. If there is, how would I go about wiring such a combination. Does LRB still make an internal pre that combines two sources and outputs to a mono signal for simplicity sake?

    By the way, I've installed a Lyric in the same guitar. I haven't been impressed with that combination so far, but I'm still working at it. I have a Dtar 3-band parametric eq, so if you have a suggestion about general parameters to make such a combination work, I'd appreciate your input.


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    The Dual Source system is the only thing that we currently offer that will combine the LB6 and an internal mic. The DS typically ships with the Element pickup, but the LB6 can be substituted by changing the gain setting on the preamp from High to Low.

    What are you not happy with about the Lyric?