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Crtl-X with T-Bridge

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  • Crtl-X with T-Bridge

    wiring.jpgI am using the T-Bridge and Crtl-X combination with 2HB pups, single volume control and TBX tone control in custom guitar. I have attached a wiring diagram to see if anyone knows if this is the correct modification.

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    I believe you spoke with our other Tech, Bryan, on the phone yesterday. Were you able to get everything resolved?


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      That wasn't me that called. Would love to talk to someone about this. The L.R. Baggs schematic for the two humbuckers with two volume would have to be altered since the leads from two pickups would have to go the the pickup selector before the volume control not after. If Bryan could look at the attached schematic that would be great. I am assuming that if the combined magnetic pickup signal goes to the white lead on the Mini-Toggle then it should work. The Fender-TBX tone control is just a variation of a standard tone control.


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        Hi Lumenire,

        I would not install according to the diagram. That diagram included with the T-Bridge instructions is an interesting option but should be omitted from the package. That specifically references keeping both independent magnetic volume pots and is for cases where the player insists on it. Joining the two ORANGE wires to the output jack's RED wire eliminates a simple MASTER VOLUME you can have if you opt to have only one pot for master magnetic volume, as that single volume wires into the CTRL-X as the master for the entire signal in MONO mode.

        From what I see in the diagram, you have one volume and one TBX tone pot stack. Whether the TBX is wired parallel to the magnetic selector or in series after it, the magnetic signal enters the CTRL-X circuit via the WHITE wire on the CTRL-X mini-toggle switch and should do so before the magnetic volume pot. Wire the magnetic volume pot between the two ORANGE wires and the output jack's RED wire as shown in the CTRL-X manual.

        When the CTRL-X is in MONO mode, that magnetic volume pot acts as a MASTER and cuts all signal from the guitar while the CTRL-X pot is a BLEND of the mag and piezo signals. When it's in STEREO mode, the magnetic volume will be just that and the CTRL-X pot will become a volume for the T-Bridge signal only.

        Please reply here or call 805-929-3545, ext. 111, for clarification or more info.


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          Thank you Bryan. It looks pretty straight forward. If I have any questions I will give you a call.


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            Bryan, would you recommend the tone pot be parallel to the mag switch?