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Para DI/ Pedal board question!

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  • Para DI/ Pedal board question!


    I have a simple acoustic pedal board consisting of a:
    Boss TU-2 > Voodoo Lab sparkle drive > Line 6 DL4 > LR Baggs Para DI (in that order)

    I'm going to power my pedals with a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 as I also use the AC outlet to power my TC Electronic voice doubler.

    I use a Fender Deluxe Reverb for on stage monitoring when playing with the band, otherwise straight into the board when playing solo.

    Question: Any ideas on variations using the para DI's input, output and fx loop for a setup like this?


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    Hi Harper,

    If I had that combination of pedals, I would do the following: Connect straight from the guitar to the input of the Para D.I., use an insert cable to connect the TU-2, Sparkle Drive and DL4 in the Para DI's FX Loop, then take the XLR to the PA.

    If you have occasion to use the 1/4" output as well as the XLR, the monitor amp you mentioned should be connected to the same power supply circuit as the PA board if possible or you may encounter a ground loop hum. The Para DI does not have a ground lift to eliminate said ground loop hum if you encounter it.


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      So the only way to use a pedalboard in FRONT of Para DI is to power up with battery?
      If pedals are in effects loop, I can't mute w/ tuner. My touring tuner of choice is TC and only runs on AC. Will have to rethink this whole thing. I love the Para DI. If it had a ground switch, would that solve the problem? Thanks.


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        If you put your tuner in the FX loop, it will still mute the output of the Para DI while the tuner is engaged. So you can easily run your effects in front of the DI or in the FX loop, depending on the pickup that you are using.