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Combing M1 w/ under-saddle transducer

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  • Combing M1 w/ under-saddle transducer


    Has anyone here ever done this?

    I've had the Fishman transducer in my D-18 for about 10 years and am happy with the sound but...

    I'm interested in adding an M1 into the mix.

    The Fishman is an active pickup (w/ 9v) under-saddle transducer.

    What would my options be blending these two pickups?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated

    Kind regards


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    LR Baggs offers a version of the iMIX system that includes the passive M1, Element undersaddle transducer and the iMIX preamp for blending them on the guitar at any ratio.

    If you intend to combine the M1 with any active system that works on a 9V supply, it must be the passive model. The M1Active(M1A) is not able to be tapped into a 9V power supply. It depends the Fishman preamp(endpin or side-mount, whether there is an auxiliary input, etc.) to determine how convenient it would be to wire in the M1 as an auxiliary. If the two signals would then leave the guitar on separate contacts of a TRS output jack, the LR Baggs Mixpro universal preamp/mixer can give you blending control on your belt, guitar strap or mic stand.

    Here's a link to Mixpro info:


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      Hi Bryan,

      Thanks for the Mixpro suggestion!

      The Fishman Matrix preamp is the endpin. Supposedly the UTS would go to the tip? and the M1 (passive) to the ring? I'm waiting to hear back from Fishman whether or not the Matrix needs a simple wire modification in order to achieve this.

      Nothing weird about using the Mixpro and PADI together?

      Thanks for clarifying!