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    Hello! I bought Stagepro anthem.On the pre-amplifier there are input slots 1,2 and for the andpinjack. Tell, what input for a microphone, and what for the sensor? They (inputs) are marked, as 1 and 2. Or the difference isn't present? Thank you!
    And one more question: as far as "element" is critical to roughnesses of a bottom of a notch in the bridge? What methods are to align a notch under a bone? Manually. I do itself as the guitar master isn't available to me.
    Sorry for my english, i am russian and use auto-translator online...

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    The Element plugs into channel 1, and the Mic plugs into channel 2 on the Stage Pro Anthem preamp.

    As far as the "notch" that you're asking about, I'm not sure I know what you mean. Are you referring to the forward "tilt" that is mentioned in the manual? If so, this is not absolutely necessary to get the best response from the Element.


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      I also was afraid of it. You misunderstood me, excuse!I wanted to tell, how equal saddle has to be. And how it is possible to make this niche equal. Thank you very much for your help!
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        The saddle bottom, and the bottom of the saddle slot need to be as flat as possible. Generally, the saddle slot is routed or cut flat by the builder, but the saddle might need to be flattened by hand.


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          I got it. Thanks


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            I installed this system on the guitar. Excellent sounding! Almost total absence of feedback and equal dense sound on all 6 strings. Very much it is pleasant to me, the super device!


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              Great to hear!

              Thanks for posting.