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M1 + iBeam rfi problems

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  • M1 + iBeam rfi problems

    Hi, I'm new here so please be gentle!

    I have recently installed an iBeam and a passive M1 in my old Daion L999. The idea is to use the iBeam for beautiful acoustic sounds and then use the M1 for a more strat-like electric sounds through distortion etc.

    I am running the iBeam into the active input of a Fishman Powerjack (left over from my old system) and the M1 into the passive input ... so I get a stereo output allowing me to route the different pickups to where I want them to go. They both go into a mixer and then vie subgroup outputs into a Native Instruments Rig Kontrol interface, and then into a MacBook Pro running Ableton Live with Guitar Rig providing the main processing. Then back into the same mixer and out to the PA. This system has been working flawlessly for several years with my old pickup system... except that I was never satisfied with the pickup sound ... hence the upgrade.

    All works well except that I get noticeable rfi from the airconditioner in the main venue where I play. It's noticeable but lower on the iBeam signal, and it's really bad on the M1 signal.

    I used the lead that used to run from the 1/8" jack to the strap jack for the M1, cutting and soldering appropriately.

    The rfi varies considerably depending on which output lead I use ... I have 3 different stereo TRS to dual mono TS leads and there is quite a bit of difference.

    I play mainly in very quiet meditation and devotional settings where this kind of interference is unacceptable. I use a lot of effects to enhance the sound, and the rfi is made more noticeable by these settings.

    I have taken the whole setup apart and double checked by soldering in case there was a shield issue, but there as not been much improvement, if any.

    My old setup, which was a Martin 335 thinline into the powerjack had no rfi whatsoever. And there was none when I just had the iBeam in its place. The rfi has only started since I installed the M1.

    Any suggestions?

    BTW ... I also have a 10-string cittern that I play through the same system. It has an old Baggs Ribbon Transducer system and it is as quiet as a very quiet mouse.

    thanks. love your work!


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    So you have the iBeam Active and the M1 Passive, right? Are they running out of the same jack, in stereo?

    Also, have you tried any preamps/boxes that have a Ground/Lift switch? I ask because I've run into issues where interference was eliminated by lifting the ground. A lot of that depends on the building's ground though.