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  • New LR Baggs Venue DI

    I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on the Venue? Any tips or setting advice......I've had mine for about 2 mos. far I really like it.
    The boost is a great thing for stepping up on prominent licks and solos.
    Still trying to figue out the Notch filter......for the most part I am not having feedback issues unless I face a speaker with guitar .
    The tuner is a little slow as I've heard from others but is pretty seems not as acurate if on a wooden floor or other music( intermission) is playing and vibrating my guitar while tuning.

    My big questions is I still haven't really found that sweet spot yet........I do better with my nylon string Taylor.....seems to be sweet enough but the Taylor 810ce with Fishman
    is more difficult to get a great tone.
    It sure is nice to have contorl of my sound rightn there at my feet though.

    Thanks again,
    Fred down in Grenada

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    Hi Fred,

    The most I can offer solid advice on is setting the gain and using the Garret Null notch filter.

    You should adjust the gain while playing at a hard dynamic. Hit the strings as heavy as you're ever likely to and turn up the gain until you just begin to hear some overdrive breakup. Now back the gain off until the sound is clean at that hard dynamic. This should be the most gain before overdrive at that stage and should support a higher signal-to-noise ratio. Also know that if you optimize gain and then boost any of the EQ bands, you may push the signal into overdrive in that frequency range. Gain may need further fine-tuning after EQ.

    The notch filter is fairly straight-forward. You have to make the feedback occur, however, in order to find the frequency to cut with the filter. Make it feed back then sweep the filter control until you locate the sensitive frequency. The feedback should go away when you find it.

    There are too many variables that prevent me from making any effective EQ setting recommendations. The EQ adjustment that works great in one room or playing environment might sound poor in a different venue. You may just need to spend more time fiddling with the EQ to get familiar with their effect on the tone. You can develop an intuitive feel for what adjustments will be needed for certain tone phenomena.