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Pickup for split saddle Lowden?

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  • Pickup for split saddle Lowden?

    I have a fairly small bodied concert sized Lowden with a split saddle. I have a Dual Source system that has been in it for 15 or 20 years, and I would like to update it to current technology. Due to feedback issues, I've only ever been able to use the piezo side of the system in live situations.

    Since this guitar is somewhat lacking in the lower end response, I'm wondering if the Anthem might be a better choice than the Lyric? Is the Anthem available for a split saddle?

    If so, since the end pin hole and saddle holes are already present, would a split saddle Anthem system be an easy install?

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    Hi Frank,
    The Anthem would probably be my recommendation if you are switching from the DS. The Lyric is great, but it can be a bigger difference than expected when moving from an undersaddle system. We do have split saddle Anthems available, but only by custom order. Any of our local dealers can place an order for you to get either the Split Anthem or the Split Anthem SL.

    The Anthem would utilize the same endpin hole as the DS too, so the installation should be straight forward.