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  • Anthem battery bag

    My battery bag continues to come off of my guild d150. It was shop installed originally and the bag came off with the first battery change. I used some heavy duty double sided tape but that didn't last long so I took it to the shop again. They cleaned the wood and used what they called a heavy duty adhesive this time - not sure what it was. This has lasted about 3 months I think and now has come off again. I have changed the battery since but was extremely careful not to pull on the bag at all.
    At this point I'm wondering if there are any other power options, or perhaps this is a known issue with guilds and a certain oil in the wood or something? My shop is guild authorized for service.
    Also I'm careful with storing the guitar in the case in my house (not the garage and it doesn't travel in my trunk).
    I'd welcome any advice please

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    I'm not sure what your tech used to replace the original adhesive, but the LR Baggs battery adhesive typically holds without issue, if correctly installed.

    On older guitars, oil and dust can definitely play a part in the bag coming loose. Cleaning the surface with light sanding, and naphtha or alcohol, should allow for a clean adhesive bond and no further issues.

    If you would like another patch or two of battery adhesive, email [email protected] with your address.

    If you want to try another option for a battery holder, there are other companies that make battery clips. The clips typically require drilling into the guitar, but they can be very secure when done well.


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      Thanks very much for the information. I really enjoy the Anthem and will write for another pad and stay away from drilling.
      Again - thanks for the quick response!