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Pickup on Taylor 214ce

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  • Pickup on Taylor 214ce


    I own a Taylor 214ce and i think its time to install a "normal" pickup system.
    My options for now are Anthem, Lyric and Dual Source systems.
    I played on my friend's Takamine with Anthem installed and was shocked by the quality and response.
    What do you think is the prefered system for my guitar?
    The sound im searching is the most "acoustic" (yeah i know its the first time you hear it :P), not "pickupish".
    Thats what i loved in the Anthem i heard, but mabey the other two are more suitable for me. Never heard them tough.
    Hope you can help me.

    Itzhak Meir

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    Hey Itzhak,
    If you like the way that the Anthem sounds, then that's definitely what I would recommend. I've played the Anthem in my own guitar for several years, and it's still my favorite system.

    The Dual Source is definitely older technology compared to the Lyric or Anthem, but a lot of players still like the level of control that you have over the mic and the option of a stereo output.

    The Lyric is also an excellent system. I would say that the Lyric is the most "true" sounding system that we make, but that isn't necessarily the best sound for every player and every situation.

    I prefer the Anthem because it has a very natural mid and high frequency response, while the lows are supported very well by the pickup. This added low end support makes the Anthem "cut through" a band mix or multi-instrument mix much easier, but without sounding to unnatural.

    In the end, the Anthem is my own preference, and every different system will suit different players needs. If you have more questions, I'm happy to chime in.


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      Tnx for the quick answer.
      I saw yesterday the In The Round video on your youtube channel. Andy Reiss was using the M80 and he had the most natural sound to me.
      Can you elaborate a litlle more on that pickup? Altough i prefer a mic mix, i read that it incorportes a technology thats get the sound of the body.
      The guy with the Anthem on that video was using a setting thats fits more to finger playing rather then normal pick so his sound was a little "harsh" to me.
      What it your perspective on this?

      Best Regards,


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        The M80 has a body sensing portion that allows the full frequency range from the guitar to be picked up by the lower coil. I can't go into too much detail, but if you look here, you can see the basic design m80-acoustic-guitar-pickup-slide3.jpg

        The guy using the Anthem in the video has the blend set to where the undersaddle pickup is carrying the majority of the signal, so it sounds a little more harsh or quacky then it would if it was set towards the mic a little more. That's my opinion, at least.