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Ibeam active/passive question

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  • Ibeam active/passive question

    Is the Ibeam active the same as the passive with the endpin preamp being the difference?
    I'm asking because I was thinking of changing my active to passive by changing out the endpin. I would then use my Baggs Para Acoustic Di instead of the onboard amp.
    I'm thinking this could stop the feedback problem I'm having.
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    Hi tonykor,
    You can turn your active iBeam passive by removing the preamp, but if you are having feedback issues then removing the preamp will increase feedback significantly.

    There are generally three types of acoustic pickups: string sensitive, body sensitive, and microphone. The iBeam is a body sensitive pickup, and like all body sensitive pickups it will be more likely to feed back around the frequency that the guitar's top resonates at.

    The best way to get rid of this kind of feedback, ideally, is with a combination of a few different outboard units: a true notch filter, a phase inverter and a graphic EQ. You mentioned that you have a Para DI; the Para DI has all of these features, so it’s probably the best place to start.

    On the Para DI you can use the phase button to invert the signal and get rid of some of the feedback right away. Then you can turn the guitar up until it begins to feedback again. Now you can use the ‘notch’ and the ‘mid’ to get the rest of the way. At this point you can turn the 'notch' to '-', and turn the 'A D G B' knob back and forth to find the offending frequency. If there is still a little feedback, you will have to use the '.4-1.6' knob to select a mid-range frequency to boost or cut with the ‘mid’ knob.

    If this is unclear in any way, feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

    Caleb Elling
    LR Baggs Technical Support
    805-929-3545, ext. 121


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      Thanks Caleb. I do understand it and will try that first. Frankly I wasn't using the Para Di when using my amp. I used it when I went direct into the sound system.
      Thanks again for the help and info,