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    I've install a Lyric in my Martin 000-28 and have a hissing noise coming from the amp. It's plugged direct into a Fishman Loudbox Mini with the gain and master set at about 1/4.
    Not A loud noise but irritating.
    Should I be running it though a pre-amp?
    I'm also using a Taylor with their pickup system with no noise from the amp.

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    Hi Chuck,
    The first thing to look at would be the gain staging. Make sure that your Lyric volume is set all the way up, to start. Then, set the gain on the amp. You want the signal to be loud, but not clipping or distorting. Then adjust your master volume to the appropriate level for your room. If you need to turn your Lyric volume down a little in order to give you room for an extra boost while performing, you can do that now.

    If your Taylor is quiet, while using the same cables, then the battery would be the next thing to look at.

    Hopefully that will be a good place to start.