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  • pickup modification on lowden help

    Hi there,

    I am considering trying a LR BAGGS pickup, I currently have a fishman mag/mic blend system in a Lowden LSE2 (similar to new stage edition) and although it is versatile I feel the sound could be improved (or rather I am curious to experiment) I still have the EMG under saddle pickup and cabling that was factory installed in the guitar circa 1996 and want to know if I can modify the anthem or lyric system to accomodate the split saddle pickup and wiring already installed. I play solo mainly fingerstyle in dadgad using only a small amount of guitar body percussion, I would like to be able to blend dual sources I think, in order to have versatility in both sound and feedback situations. Does anyone have views on the lyric and/or anthem systems and how they compare to themselves and/or the fishman system?

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    For versatility, the Anthem would definitely have the advantage over the Lyric. The Lyric is simply a single microphone, and while it does sound very natural, it's not the most versatile system. It tends to just sound like your guitar.

    The Anthem has the ability to blend between the mic and the pickup, in order to get a much wider variety of sound. The pickup will always carry the low-end, so the system is extremely feedback resistant, no matter how the blend is set. The mic itself is also a newer technology, so it sounds very natural, without being boxy or thin. In my experience, you can't typically use very much microphone from a traditional internal mic (like the Fishman) in a live situation; feedback is usually an issue. With the Anthem that I have in my guitar, I can play at loud volumes and still maintain a very natural tone as well as a very natural dynamic.

    If you want a versatile sound with excellent feedback resistance, the Anthem is definitely my recommendation. It can also be ordered with a split saddle option, as a custom order part from any local LR Baggs dealer.