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Feedback and Eq for Anthem and Imix

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  • Feedback and Eq for Anthem and Imix


    Wanted to ask:

    1. Which is more resistant to feedback. The Anthem or the Imix (before additional Eq and notch filtering)?

    2. The Imix is 2 systems mixed together, is the Anthem considered one whole system so I would only need one Eq device? So the Element and Anthem are pre Eq'd for this? Unlike the Imix, it seems that the Anthem doesn't come with an Eq preamp for adjustment.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Loren,

    Thank you for asking.

    To clarify #2 of your question, the iMIX is not two systems mixed together but one system that mixes two pickups together. The iMIX is capable of a mixed MONO output as well as split STEREO output. It does not require two independent signal paths.

    The iMIX allows mixing of the Element and iBeam pickups at any ratio. The Anthem never allows the low frequencies from the Tru-Mic to pass through the circuit while the Element provides the bottom end at all times. That's to say the Anthem will never give you the option of all Tru-Mic and no Element.

    Both are capable of being set to output nothing but the Element undersaddle pickup. As you roll the mix away from that in both systems, the Anthem will retain its feedback resistance while the iMIX will be at greater risk of feedback in the same environments.

    Also related to #2: The Anthem system is available in the Stagepro(side-mounted) format which does offer EQ and a built-in tuner but the iMIX and the standard model Anthem system do not have tone or EQ controls.


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      Thanks Bryan. ��