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Stuck Battery Compartment - Stagepro Anthem

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  • Stuck Battery Compartment - Stagepro Anthem

    Hi LR Baggs,

    Thanks very much for your fantastic product. Have been using the Stage Pro Anthem in my Martin D-16RGT and love the versatility of the system.

    It would appear that my battery compartment has been stuck (quite firmly) after inserting a new battery into the Stage Pro.

    Whilst the guitar still functions fine, I am afraid of the moment this battery running out, and not being able to eject the battery compartment.

    I have tried to gently eject the compartment, but in fear of the 'lid' of the compartment snapping, have not proceeded to do anything else.

    Have also tried taking off the back of the compartment (through removing the four screws), but the piece appears to be held in place by other various items, so I have not pursued that path any further.

    If you could provide some assistance, that would be really appreciated!



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    Hey Ash,
    The only things that the battery drawer physically comes in contact with are the battery springs, and the pin that holds the drawer in. If there is a battery in the drawer, the drawer shouldn't get caught on the springs at all. My only thought is that the battery may have swelled, causing the fit to become tighter than it should be.

    In any case, if you accidentally break the battery drawer in the process of getting it out, I would be happy to send you a new one at no charge.