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Lyric volume issue

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  • Lyric volume issue

    Hey guys,

    I have a question that I hope someone has the answer to. Is anyone having trouble with their Lyric's volume? I'm plugging the Lyric in the Venue Di and the volume is very low even with the Venue Di set to max volume and near max gain. The board tells me that it is nearly clipping, but through my headphones the sound is barely noticeable.

    Any advice on this?


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    Hey baotloi,
    The Lyric's output should be more than enough to drive the input of a regular mixer or preamp. And since your board says that the Lyric is near clipping after the Venue, then there may be something else going on in your setup.

    First of all, I should clarify that the "volume" on the Venue DI only controls the volume of the 1/4" output. So having it all the way up will not do anything if you are using the XLR output. The Venue's gain is the only thing that will have an effect on the XLR output. Depending on the guitar that you are using, having the gain set at 2-3 o'clock on the Venue is not unusual. Different guitars have a big effect on the output of the Lyric, since it is a mic after all.

    How do you have your headphones set up? If the mixing board is getting a healthy signal, then there may something wrong in the way that your headphones are set. Just a thought.


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      Thanks for the reply Caleb.

      I have my headphones directly into the 1/4" output using an adapter. I raised both to near max and the volume is still fairly low. I also adjusted the Lyric volume as well.

      Any tips?



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        The Venue's 1/4" output does not have any kind of power amplifier, so it will not be sufficient to power headphones without the use of an additional (external) headphone amplifier.

        If your mixer had a dedicated headphone output, that would work much better. The 1/4" output on the Venue was not designed to work with headphones of any kind.

        I hope that helps!


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          I'll give it a try! Thanks again!