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Lyric with existing onboard preamp

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  • Lyric with existing onboard preamp


    I've asked before if the ibeam could work with my existing fishman preamp in my guitar. Tured out not so i have been exploring other ideas. So how about the Lyric with this preamp? Is its output also higher than USTs so as to cause problems?

    Thanks in advance


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    Hey Evan,
    The Lyric is actually highly dependent on the circuitry that we have designed into the Lyric preamp. The iBeam can easily be used with an external preamp, but the Lyric has much more specific requirements to make it sound as good as it does. A lot of the Lyric's magic comes solely from the patent-pending "secret sauce" circuitry that the Lyric was built with. So I would never recommend using the Lyric mic aside from the Lyric preamp.

    Aside from the need for it's own specialized preamp, the Lyric is an electret, noise-cancelling microphone, so it requires it's own voltage supply in order to produce any sound at all. So the Lyric mic will not work if plugged into a regular pickup input, like you would have on a Fishman preamp. Preamps designed for USTs or other transducers do not usually have an option to supply power for microphones.

    Since the Fishman preamp was designed for an undersaddle pickup, than a Fishman UST be the only thing that I would recommend using with it.


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      Hi Caleb and thank you for the response. That's just the thing, I'm trying to find better than the fishman ust and even considered the element for this but I really pick up mixed emotions as to one being better than the other. Although I believe the element may well be better than the sonicore one factory fitted currently. Thanks again for the feedback. The search continues...