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help! my Lyric sounds pretty bad

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    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your question. Sorry for the delay. I'm also sorry to hear the Lyric didn't pan out in your Taylor. I'm happy to provide the materials you would need to install it into another guitar.

    Between the iMIX and the Anthem, my personal choice would be the Anthem. The pickup and microphone crossover mix allows the pickup and microphone to operate where they sound their best. It still provides the punchy string response of the Element but virtually eliminates any of the quacky midrange response normally associated with undersaddle piezo sensors. The undersaddle pickup handles the low frequency duties, relieving the microphone of its risk of low frequency feedback.

    The iMIX would be the preferred choice if you want the option of splitting the output of two full-range sources. The iMIX can output in stereo, allowing you to connect each signal to separate channels, EQ them separately, apply different effects to each signal, etc.

    The iMIX is a very good system but I would say the Anthem is capable of more accurate plugged-in sound in a wider variety of playing situations.


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      I really appreciate your response and recommendation concerning the Anthem vs. iMix.

      Again, I'm really after that solid low end bass response that I'm able to obtain with iMix as well as the Expression System on the Taylor. I just do not care for the mids on the Taylor. The iMix sounds pretty good in my 414 however, I would like to try the Anthem just for a change of pace but, do not want the same $300 buyers remorse with the Anthem that I experienced with the $200 Lyric.

      I'm also seriously looking at ordering the Fishman Rare Earth Blend system but, I'd like to remain loyal to LR Baggs since I've used them for many years. At the risk of repeating myself, you feel I will be satisfied with the low end response and responsiveness of the Anthem vs. iMix or Rare Earth?

      I realize that this is a relative question based upon preference but, I also know you have more experience with these different systems than myself.

      Thanks again for your advice.


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        Hi Chris,

        Thanks for replying. I want to mention, if you weren't aware, that the Anthem is available in a "streamlined" format called the Anthem-SL. In the SL model, the Anthem preamp circuit is pre-set to fully utilize the crossover - Element handling low frequencies up to 250Hz and Tru-Mic handling everything from that point and above - as well as miniaturized for attachment to the output jack. Its soundhole-mounted control is just like the Lyric's but with a cream face.

        The Anthem-SL is the same suggested cost as the Lyric so you don't have to choose the more costly Anthem.


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          At this point, I'm not worried about the $100.00. I just want the best sound I can get out of my 714. I want good response and great low end like the iMix delivers. I do NOT want another quacky sounding pickup for $200 like the Lyric. I was very dissapointed in the Lyric. It would be fine for someone singing Bob Dylan songs in a coffee house but, for someone that wants to "play out" in alternate tunings and exercise fingerstyle capabilities such as Tommy Emmanuel style...the Lyric isn't it. I want something with some ooompfh on the bottom end and is responsive with fingerstyle. Are you saying the Anthem is the ticket?


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            Hi Chris,

            I hope you had a good holiday.

            If I were in your situation, I would probably consider the iMIX because you have good results with it in another guitar. You have a reference point that can affect how you perceive other systems. I suggest seeing if you can experience a version of the Anthem system already installed in a guitar. Do you have a Larrivee dealer in your town or city? If so, they offer a few models with the Stagepro Anthem installed.

            I personally feel the Anthem is a "best-of-both-worlds" system that mixes the best parts of each signal together to create one that sounds more like the guitar it's installed into than others.


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              Originally posted by Bryan McManus View Post
              Hi Mono,

              Thanks for asking about this.

              From what you've said so far, it sounds like a few factors are combining to produce a disappointing result. The small body of the parlor guitar surely doesn't produce the same bass that a larger body would which can add to a thinner plugged-in sound.

              The Lyric's low frequency compression is meant to keep the bass under control but not conceal it. However, a few players have found the compressed bass to be lacking relative to the fixed mid-range and adjustable treble, especially when compared to pickups(sources that are not microphones).

              Do you have room to move the microphone fixture around? If so, I'm happy to send additional adhesives for testing different placement options.

              Lastly, based on that last factor, it can be useful and informative if you can install that Lyric into another guitar for an A/B comparison of that part of the equation.

              If you ultimately feel there may be a defect in the Lyric mic or preamp circuit, we are more than willing to receive it from you for testing and repair or replacement if needed.

              Please let me know what you find or if I can send any materials that can help dial the sound or reveal a defect.
              I also am very unhappy with the lyric in my parlor guitar. Mine is a loud instrument with good bass. It was rebraced in the 70's to make it a classical guitar. It is very balanced. Here's the sound with a good external mike: I have been very happy with having a lyric installed in my flamenco and another handmade full size classical. This is my 3rd lyric and the only one that yields a very poor sound. It sounds very harsh and almost overdriven- yes I did turn the volume down- still poor tone. With other mikes or no mike this parlor has a very pleasing and balanced sound. I tried having my installer move the mike more towards the treble as the sound is an uncontrolled and somewhat bassy sound. This did not help at all. If I use the pre amp and really do vodoo which then makes it sound dead I can get a more normal but lifeless sound. I tried installing a sound post to restrict the top and moved it to many locations. The sound is always harsh- very different from the sound I get with the lyric in my full sized classical. I have done every possible adjustment but one. When I try to use the plastic tool to turn the small presence knob the tip bends because it's hard to turn the knob with this fragile plastic tip. I bought some metal tools from Harbor Freight that would work but do not want to try this until I know why the plastic one that comes seems not able to stand up to being used to turn the adjustment knob either direction. By greatly reducing the volume knob and doing serious adjustments with the notch filter to decrease the volume of the g and d strings and by reducing those frequencies I get a dead but balanced resulting sound. Note: my parlor instrument was, of course, originally a steel string and was rebraced lighter but sounds fine with a mike- go to my link above. What should I do and why does the plastic prescence wand not have enough rigdity to be used? Please help as I love the lyric in the other guitars.
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                Hi BollesGtr,
                I am sorry that you are having some tone issues with your parlor/lyric setup.
                Are you using the Lyric Classical in the parlor? Also, what are you playing your guitar through? (ie PA, Amp, Recording rig, etc.)
                The "harsh" sound that you are getting can be caused by having too much of the presence mixed in. As far as the presence adjustment goes, the pot can become a little stiff from being left in one spot for a long period of time (like from the factory, or sitting on a retail shelf for a while). I would suggest turning it back and forth a few times to help loosen the pot. The tool that we send out with the Lyric is strong enough to make the adjustments needed. Once you are able to get the higher frequency sounds from the presence control dialed in to represent that of your unplugged sound, you will be able to dial in any needed EQ or alternate mic placement much more effectively without killing your tone.