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Venue with lyric pickup, low gain problem

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  • Venue with lyric pickup, low gain problem

    Hi guys, I just have a question with the venue. I've been using it with the lyric pickup and I realise the grain knob has to be almost at 4 o'clock position with the lyric volume maxed out for the gain led to register a yellow light. Is that normal? If i turn the gain to 12 o'clock, I will only get the first green light.

    I don't know if the pickup is faulty or the venue....

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    The Venue has a gain range of -12dB to +26dB, so unity gain (no gain added or reduced) is about 10 to 11 o'clock. So setting the gain at 3 o'clock is not too uncommon for a Lyric or Anthem system. When I've used the Lyric with my Venue DI, I've had to turn the gain up to about 1-2 o'clock to get the best gain level, but it sounded great.

    For the Lyric, the output level will vary depending on the guitar it is installed in. So it is also possible that the Lyric may just be slightly quieter in your specific guitar.

    It sounds to me like your Lyric and Venue DI are working correctly. As long as everything sounds good, you should be ok.


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      4 o'clock is definitely on the high side of the gain that you should need though. There may be something in the mic installation, or in the guitar that is lowering the output a little more than usual. Do you know if the mic is installed on the bridge plate (as recommended in the manual)?

      What kind of guitar is the Lyric installed in?