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Venue: using both 1/4" and XLR outputs

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  • Venue: using both 1/4" and XLR outputs

    If I send an EQed XLR line to one channel of a mixer and a 1/4" line out of the Venue through some effects (overdrive, delay, etc.) to a second channel, do I get "two guitars" worth of "clean acoustic" and one "electric"?

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    Hi Craig,

    Thank you for this question.

    I can say the answer is yes. You can access both outputs of the Venue DI and connect to two channels of the same amplifier or PA system. You can also connect one to a PA and the other to an amp if you like. Two amplifiers are also an option.

    The Venue DI doesn't produce two distinct sounds but rather the identical signal is sent to both outputs. The XLR output, however, will appear stronger because it is a balanced signal.

    The option of applying different effects and/or EQ settings for each signal can certainly make for different tonalities but it is up to you if either has a more electric tone.

    Technically, you can have what sounds like more than two guitars if a chorus effect is applied to either signal.