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Lyric microphone double-sided tape EXACT thickness?

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  • Lyric microphone double-sided tape EXACT thickness?

    Regarding the Lyric acoustic, (not classical) microphone, how thick is the double-sided adhesive tape, EXACTLY, in either millimeters or inches, please?

    I need to move my microphone again; I've already used the spare that came with my initial purchase. I have some double-sided tape of my own and don't want to wait for more to be mailed to me.

    And, if there happens to be an extremely slight variance in the thickness between mine and yours, will this affect the mic's performance and in what manner?

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    The VHB adhesive that the Lyric was designed with is .045" thick. I would recommend trying to get as close to that thickness as you can.

    Variations in thickness and rigidity can cause some tonal differences, but it's almost impossible to predict what changes will happen, and how they will come across in the amplified signal. A small variation could make the mic sound better in one guitar, and worse in another. So do what you can, and it the tone is not to your liking after a few attempts, I would be more than happy to send you some of our adhesives.

    You can email me at [email protected], if you need some of our adhesives.

    All the best!