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Thank you for the Lyric Classical

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  • Thank you for the Lyric Classical

    I have fitted the Lyric Classical to my Fleta copy classical Guitar.
    Last evening I played the guitar through my amp ( a Fishman Loudbox Mini given to me as a retirement present) the result was exactly as I wanted, a boost in volume but sounding exactly like the unamplified guitar. I needed the volume boost to play alongside a piano and that's exactly what it did!
    Thank you again for the advice and answers on my earlier post,

    (I will add a picture of the jig I used to fit the mic to my earlier post "lyric classical is here

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    Hey David,
    Thanks for your comment! I'm glad that you are so happy with your Lyric Classical.

    I'd love to see your jig too, if you get the chance to post a picture.


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      Hi Caleb,
      the picture is attached.
      the reason for the jig is that senor Fleta's bracing includes an extra harmonic bar has 9 fan bracing bars, so there is only about 1/16" clearance either side of the mic!


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        Very cool!

        Did you use the jig just to position the mic, or to press it on as well?


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          Hi Caleb,
          This picture shows the mic in position, just tight enough to hold it until the jig is in position over the harmonic bars and between the fan braces and then the mic is pressed through the jig into it's place under the soundboard.
          The extension on the previous picture also held the cable clamps ready to be pressed home onto the bridge plate.


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            Awesome! Thanks for posting.