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Best option for Taylor Big Baby BBT

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  • Best option for Taylor Big Baby BBT


    I have a Big Baby Taylor (BBT) and I'm thinkin of installing the M1 Active.

    Firstly I would play direct in the mixer alone and sometimes with acoustic drums (never with amplifier or pre-amp).

    What advices do you have for me? Because I am afraid that the sound will be with many treble or weak.

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Bruno,

    Thanks for your question.

    The M1 and M1A have full-range string response but the body sensitivity is most noticeable from 1kHz and above. In a smaller-body guitar, that can result in a tone that skews slightly to the upper midrange and treble.

    With a small-body guitar, it's good to first confirm that the soundhole is large enough to even fit the M1A. The minimum required soundhole diameter for mounting any of our magnetic pickup models is 3 9/16" and the minimum diameter for an easy install is 3 3/4".

    If your guitar's soundhole is large enough, I encourage you to check out the most recent magnetic soundhole pickup available from LR Baggs - the M80 - which has full-range body response in addition to the full-range string response. The result is a warmer and richer sound that is well-suited to the playing situations you described.

    Here's a link:


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      Thanks McManus!

      Now I'm dreaming with M80 because the soundhole is 4"!!!

      Do you know how many hours the batery works with M80? Because I'm not finding.




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        Hi Bruno,

        The battery in an M80 should give approximately 300 hours of plugged-in time. There is a small button on the top of the M80 with four LEDs nearby that provide a battery power display. Four LEDs is a full battery and two LEDs indicate about 50 hours remaining. One LED means change the battery.