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L.R Baggs M1 (Passive): Adjusting the pole pieces, matching with Anthem or iBeam.

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  • L.R Baggs M1 (Passive): Adjusting the pole pieces, matching with Anthem or iBeam.

    Hey guys,

    I recently purchased a L.R Baggs M1 passive and installed it into my Martin D35. I have to admit, I'm not impressed with the sound I'm receiving when referencing it directly recorded into my DAW using the GigPro into my Focusrite Scarlett interface. It sounds nasally even after using passive EQ with in my DAW to get idea were the sound needs to sweep the mids. I even tried it with-out the GigPro straight into the Focusrite Scarlett in which uses very clean/neutral preamps and it still sounds the same.

    I'm guessing this might have to do with the pole piece heights on the M1 not being adjusted high or low enough. I doubt it's the GigPro in which I made sure the Phantom power was "off" and had a new battery. Is there a certain way I need to adjust the pole pieces so that they compliment my D35s tone better?

    Also, can I pair the M1 passive with a iBeam or Anthem/Lyric? If I'm not over all pleased with my M1 after adjustments, I would like to pair it with either one of those two. The Anthem and Lyric are the only two pickups I've never tried by Baggs. I currently have a JJB SBT installed in it also but I don't think there is a way can pair these two effectively with out adding the iMix.

    I've always been a fan of L.R Baggs so I'm really hoping to get this M1 and D35 tuned just right. We just recently did a professional "live" worship music video and we plan on doing a series of these so I would like to have a good sound going straight into the Presonus StudioLive.
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    I just got your email, and sent you a reply. Let me know if you have any further questions.